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Tile in Ohio & Kentucky

Tile is one of the most versatile flooring options on the market. With thousands of styles, it's easy to create space that reflects your creativity. You can install tile pretty much anywhere, including on your walls.

The flooring professionals at Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home in Milford, Ohio, and Erlanger, Kentucky, are here to help you navigate our tile selection. Tile flooring, backsplash tile, and natural stone tile are among our specialties. Our experienced installers will complete your tile project flawlessly, ensuring those new floors stay beautiful for years.

Types of Tile

Our local experts will guide you through your tile options and help you find the right type of tile for your space. Your three main choices include porcelain, ceramic, and stone.

  • Ceramic tiles are made from clay, sand, and other natural materials. After being heated, they’re usually glazed for added levels of stain, slip and wear resistance. Since ceramic is light and versatile, it’s commonly used for wall tiles and backsplash pieces.
  • Porcelain tiles are made from denser clays and fired at higher temperatures than ceramic. This makes them extra durable and moisture-repellent, they’re ideal for busy settings and outdoor applications. Since it’s heavier than ceramic, porcelain isn’t used for wall tiles as often because it’s harder to adhere to vertical surfaces.
  • Stone tiles are cut from natural slabs of granite, slate, travertine, marble, and more. Each stone tile is unique with its own swirling patterns, layers, and colors. They’re also one of the most robust flooring options available and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as well as around fireplaces and hearths.

We also have wall and backsplash tiles. These are mostly ceramic, but we also offer other types such as glass and metal. Mixing the different types and textures together can create a unique focal point for your space.


Why Choose Tile?

There are certainly many benefits to choosing tile. One significant advantage is that it’s designed to last for the life of your home, making it a long-term investment. If properly installed and cared for, you’ll never need to replace your tile floors or custom backsplash, shower, or walls. Tile is also:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Green

Beyond tile’s many performance features, there’s an impressive array of styles to choose. From classic white porcelain tile to intricately patterned mosaics, express your personal decor vision through our wide selection of products. We even offer wood look tiles, which mirror the appearance of hardwood on both a visual and tactile level. This is perfect for that cozy farm-style kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, or a refreshing spa-like bathroom.


Our Tile Selection

Whether you’re looking for floor tiles or designer wall tiles, we’re your local tile source. We offer a full range of tile colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, and our experienced team can help you plan a cohesive design layout that combines form and function.


We carry top tile manufacturers and brands and offer competitive wall and floor tile prices. To learn more, or to view our tile samples in person, contact Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home in Milford, OH, and Erlanger, KY, or start browsing our tile selection online now.

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