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Laminate Flooring in Ohio & Kentucky

Laminate Flooring in Ohio & Kentucky


Laminate flooring was once known as a budget-conscious hardwood alternative. Modern innovation has given us laminate flooring that’s very tough to tell apart from the real thing.


At Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re here to help you find the best laminate flooring for your home or business. Our expansive showroom boasts an assortment of in-stock and special-order laminate floors that can fit just about any budget or style. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how closely they resemble hardwood & tile floors.



Why Should I Consider Laminate Flooring Instead of Hardwood?


Laminate flooring is the most budget-sensitive alternative to hardwood or stone flooring. Since laminate is made with man-made products, it is significantly less expensive than hardwood or stone.



Here are a few other compelling reasons why your best bet might be laminate flooring.




Although laminate flooring looks as real as wood, it still cannot replace the beauty and feel of hardwood floors. But if the price is a major issue, laminate flooring should be considered.



Planning Your Laminate Flooring Installation



Laminate floors come in a floating floor system and are never glued down.



A benefit of floating floors is that they’re easier to replace if you change your flooring whereas a glued-down product can require significantly more time and labor. If you're considering putting down a hard surface for temporary use whether it be laminate or hardwood, consider a floating installation.



Caring For Your Laminate Floor


Laminate flooring requires very little maintenance.



Regular sweeping and vacuuming are the best ways of taking care of laminate floors. Spills should be wiped up immediately and occasional mopping with manufacturer-approved products is recommended.



Discover Our Laminate Flooring Selection


Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s favorite flooring cooperative. That means you’re able to shop small and locally while enjoying the best laminate flooring brands the industry has to offer.



Stop by our showroom in Milford, OH, or Erlanger, KY and look at our selection, or browse our laminate flooring online right now.




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Caring For Laminate Flooring


Laminate floors may look like hardwood, but they are much easier to take care of. Laminate flooring does not require as much maintenance and can sometimes be more durable than hardwood.




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