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Carpet in Kentucky and Ohio

The perfect carpet combines style, warmth, and comfort all in one product. At Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home in Milford, OH, and Erlanger, KY, we’re your local carpet experts, offering personalized, friendly service and quality carpet at great value. In fact, most of our regional bestsellers are right here, in stock!


What Types of Carpet Are There?

Carpet comes in distinct types and styles today. There are different options when it comes to pile styles and fibers. Even the carpet’s color plays a significant role, whether you prefer wall-to-wall taupe, or multiple tones and patterns. Today there are even carpets are made to resist matting and fully waterproof carpet options available.


If you have pets or children, we offer stain-resistant carpet options, so you don’t have to worry about accidents becoming a permanent part of your home décor. With the perfect balance of performance and style, there’s no need to sacrifice looks for functionality.


What is Carpet Pile and Why Does It Matter?


Natural and synthetic materials are used to create carpet fiber- also known as pile. Some are made to be stain-resistant, whereas others are naturally allergy-friendly. Before purchasing new carpet, consider how you use the space and how durable of a fiber you would need. The most common types of fibers used in carpets include nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool.


Can I Use Carpet If I Have A New Puppy?


The short answer is YES! Whether you have busy home with pets and young children, or need carpet for a commercial setting, we have products that work perfectly and will stay beautiful for years to come. Indeed, our comprehensive collection of stain-resistant carpets feature all the latest styles and performance technologies


While no carpet is 100% stain-proof, carpet manufacturers today use a variety of techniques to make carpet fibers spill-repellent and non-porous. Select carpet fibers have inherent stain-fighting properties, such as polyester, while others are specially treated. Stain treatments can coat the carpet’s surface or are built into individual fiber strands for enduring protection. Among our favorite stain resistant carpet collections are:

Where Can You Install Carpet?

Carpets are a smart choice for widespread settings, including:

Regular maintenance like vacuuming and steaming can increase the longevity of your new carpet. Durable carpet options are perfect for busier areas, while waterproof carpet is ideal for pet owners and basements. Additionally, we have commercial carpet tiles and broadloom carpet for businesses.


Preparing for Your Carpet Installation


Before our installers arrive, it’s essential to prepare a clean slate. Your room should be empty, with all valuables secured and furniture and other large objects relocated. Subfloors should also be pristine, with no bits of debris or adhesives remaining. It’s also essential to maintain a consistent interior climate. Our experts can advise you on thermostat settings for optimal results.


Explore Our Carpet Selection


We have the best carpet brands, as well as comprehensive carpet installation services for both residential and commercial settings. Browse our full carpet


selection at our showrooms in Milford, OH, and Erlanger, KY, or call us today.




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Caring for Carpet


Keep your carpet clean, fresh, and beautiful looking with these simple

tips. Carpet padding plays a huge role in the function and lifespan of your new carpet.