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Karastan Carpets 

At Carpetland Carpet One we are dedicated to providing our customers the very best products and service. When choosing carpet it is important to understand all of the different features available today. New technologies give carpets different levels of performance and style. One brand whose quality we stand behind is Karastan. Karastan has been a trusted name in carpet and area rugs for many years. This is because they have proven time and time again to be an innovative industry leader with a dedication to quality. We are proud to offer the full line of Karastan products and we’re confident we can find you the perfect option for your style and needs.

Top Carpet Brand

Karastan products take the worry out of carpet maintenance. Those of you with children or pets probably cringe at the thought of spills and dirt tracked onto your carpet. But Karastan is here to help. Carpets with SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ are protected from spills and stains. And the Nanoloc Spill Shield is built into the fibers so that you don’t have to worry about it wearing off. 

Pet Friendly Carpet

These carpets are 3 times easier to clean and 3 times more durable than most others on the market today. But what if I told you they were also 3 times softer and even more stylish? It’s true!

With all of the styles, patterns, textures and colors you can achieve the look you love. If your style is classic and elegant, there are options for you. And if you are more modern and contemporary there are options for you too!

To top it all off, with the All Pet Protection & Warranty you will benefit from lifetime coverage of pet related stains and troubles.

Karastan carpet

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