Blog Post #11: A Better Way to Cut the Rug

We have heard it over and over again:

“This one almost matches the look of my wall hanging, but it doesn’t have the border I am looking for, and it’s about a foot too wide for the space.”

Or, “This is the perfect shade of terracotta! Why on earth do they not make it in a runner?”

There is an endless list of similar comments that are made every day by frustrated customers shopping for area rugs.  And, there is an easy, affordable solution.

“Generally, it will be less expensive to make a custom rug out of broadloom than to buy a pre-made area rug,” says Ken Weisbacher, president and owner of Carpetland Carpet One. “Because the selection of broadloom carpet is so extensive, it is easier to match colors and design.”

Demand for area rugs is high these days because of the number of people selecting hardwood, ceramic and other hard-surface flooring. In choosing from pre-made rugs, you are limited to the colors and standard sizes the manufacturers sell.

“When you can choose from an extensive selection of broadloom styles, you can find the exact colors and patterns you want, you can choose a custom border, and even shapes that include cut-outs for things like built-ins and fireplaces,” says Greg Theilman, account manager at Carpetland’s Milford store.

In addition, you can select the type of material you want in your home from nylon to Triexta to wool and other natural fibers.  Your salesperson will be able to tell you how each product will wear and how to care for them.

Options include backings

Designing your own rug also means a choice of backings and edges.

While some people are fine putting a non-skid pad under their rugs, many prefer to install a soft back that protects hardwood from being scratched, says Lorna Dobbling, who also works out of our Milford location.

“While color-blocking with a border is popular, some people prefer the look of a serged edge, and others like fringe or tassels,” she says. “There are many more options when you can choose from all of the styles and colors in the showroom.  It is truly the way to get a custom match for your home décor.

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